What is the difference between oracle 10g, 11g, 12c, 19c

Oracle 10g is the first database management system designed for network computing;
Oracle 11g merges and expands Oracle’s unique functions to realize the advantages of grid computing, transforming the data center from a distributed island of system resources to a shared server and storage Pool;
Oracle 12c is designed for cloud computing.

The g of 10g and 11g is grid .
12c is a later version. From 12 onwards, c is used. It means cloud, which means cloud. Cloud means that multiple services can be provided for multiple customers to customize and provide services according to their needs. If you want 10G, then give it to you 10G, if you want 20G, then you will be charged with 20G, different charges. You don’t need hardware or anything, just buy the service directly. .




Database/System Administrator | DevOPS | Cloud Specialist | DevOPS

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Pankaj kushwaha

Pankaj kushwaha

Database/System Administrator | DevOPS | Cloud Specialist | DevOPS

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