SQL Server 2019 installation in 30 minutes for SQL Development

A Step by Step Guide to the quick and efficient installation of SQL Server 2019 without prior knowledge

This installation guide will find developers and system administrators useful, as will experienced DBAs. It will cover the basics needed for a standard, problem-free installation of SQL Server 2019, allowing you, if you wish, to add other components later.

1.Click on this Microsoft link to browse and search Sql Server2019 and the access speed might be a bit late.

2. Click download after entering the page

3. Drop down the page and choose to install the windows version

4. Choose Continue

5. Fill in your information: name, phone number, email, etc., and then click Continue

6.Click Download

7.Open the downloaded file after downloading, generally choose custom installation

Let us choose the Custom mode for the installation. Once you click on the custom mode, it asks for the SQL Server media download target location. This path should have sufficient free space to download media.

Click on Install to move further. It downloads the media and starts the installation.While the download is in progress, we can a few messages to give us some important information.

After downloading, the following interface appears

Since we are installation evaluation edition of SQL Server we will move will default option ‘Evaluation’ and click Next


After coming to this interface, select developer (developer version), which is free to use. Then Next

Accept the license terms and conditions. Please note the message written here, namely SQL Server

Click on Next. In the next page, it checks for the Global rules and give status information about successful, failed rules. If there are any failed rules, we need to fix those before proceeding with the installation.

In the next step, it downloads the setup files. If SQL Server installation is already there on the server, it might skip the steps.

It is not recommended to choose all, just choose these few, then Next

I like to learn new and better ways of doing things when working on a scale, and feel free to ask questions and make suggestions.
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Database/System Administrator | DevOPS | Cloud Specialist | DevOPS