Evaluating Database Management Software for your product

  1. Complete ranking
  2. Relational DBMS
  3. Key-value stores
  4. Document stores
  5. Graph DBMS
  6. Time Series DBMS
  7. RDF stores
  8. Object oriented DBMS
  9. Search engines
  10. Multivalue DBMS
  11. Wide column stores
  12. Native XML DBMS
  13. Content stores
  14. Event Stores
  15. Navigational DBMS
  • OLTP: online transaction processing
  • OLAP: Analytical database
  • HTAP: Hybrid database (both can support online transactions, but also support online analysis)



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Pankaj kushwaha

Pankaj kushwaha

Database/System Administrator | DevOPS | Cloud Specialist | DevOPS