Database migration-Oracle and MySQL conversion

In theory, MySQL has been acquired by Oracle, and Migrate between the two should be relatively easy, but the actual migration still has some problems. Let me talk about some implementation methods and problems.

Method 1: Import and export manually

Manual import means that the operation steps will be more complicated.

Table structure and data:

1. Use SQL Developer to export the schema and Data (.sql and .xls) of the oracle table

2. Use MySQL WorkBench to create Table and import data.

The syntax here will be slightly different, so some adjustments are required.

For View, especially the complex OracleView with subqueries, it seems that it is not so easy to import into MySQL.

Method 2: Use the tool Navicat to import

Navicat, this is a tool recommended by someone on the official MySQL website. This is a paid software. The current fee is $200 to $300 doller. But you can try it for free for a month.

Reference Link:

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Pankaj K.




Database/System Administrator | DevOPS | Cloud Specialist | DevOPS

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Pankaj kushwaha

Pankaj kushwaha

Database/System Administrator | DevOPS | Cloud Specialist | DevOPS

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