Backup methods of Postgresql

pg_dump — h -p 5432 -U postgres -c -C — f dbname.sql dbnameUse the following command to back up all pg databases.pg_dumpall –h –p 5432 -U postgres –c -C –f db_bak.sqlThe recovery method is simple. Just execute the restore command:psql –h -p 5432 -U postgres –f db_bak.sql
wal_level =’replica’archive_mode =’on’archive_command =’copy /y “%p” “D:\\archive\\%f”’
Select pg_start_backup(‘backup_label’, false, false);
select * from pg_stop_backup(false);
(1); (required)(2) Files in pg_xlog; (required)(3) Temporary files at the beginning of pgsql_tmp; (optional)(4); (optional)(5) Files in the pg_replslot directory; (optional)(6) Files in the pg_stat_tmp directory. (Optional)
restore_command =’copy /y D:\\archive \\%f\\%p’recovery_target_timeline =’latest’



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Pankaj kushwaha

Pankaj kushwaha

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