10 Best Programming habits

1.Choose a decent name
Don’t call it arbitrarily, no matter whether it is a package name, class name, or feature method and variable. Your entire code would be polluted by some meaningless name like foo, bar, a,b,c.

2.Idea before coding first

The first step in obtaining a requirement is to evaluate the requirement, disassemble the issue and disassemble the major problem into smaller issues. When the idea is simple, the code can be easily written.

3.Writing notes

“The best comment is the code itself.” This sentence is not an excuse not to write comments. Believe me, for a long time, you didn’t know what your code meant. Where appropriate, adding comments is not only useful for others to understand your code, but for yourself as well.

4.Write tests for units

Code without unit testing is not that it can’t run, but it can’t guarantee the anticipated outcomes correctly. Unit research is a short-term, low return on investment, but a long-term, massive return on investment. If it’s a placement issue or a refactoring of the code, unit testing is like a safety tightrope.

Do not repeat yourself yet again,Do not repeat more than twice in the code. To minimize code redundancy, learn to encapsulate similar codes. The other sense of this sentence is not to reinvent the wheel, only use it, don’t worry about doing anything on your own if you have a mature strategy.Do management of versionsGit is a good thing to do withDo not exhibit offDo not place dazzling abilities in the code, write it according to the specifications

5. Read more about Good Code

The best shortcut for making changes is mastering excellent open source code. You do not need to research a full structure extensively, even though you are looking at it, you will be rewarded.

6. Learn additional books

Read more books on classics. You should go to Douban to see the score to decide whether they are classical. It is worth reading books above 8.0

7. Post Your Blog

Blogging is about deciding what you think, and it can also support others, by the way,

8. Gain the English language well

No matter how poor English is, you must be able to proficiently read English papers. Otherwise, each day you can only read second-hand materials. Not only are the translations not rigorous, but they also have low timeliness. After all, with each passing day, technology is evolving.

9. Keep safe Stay healthy

Code the body to sit upright, or you will have issues with the cervical spine very early, sustain a certain exercise routine, or after three years of work you will have a belly, stay up less, and ensure 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day, or the hair will fall early and sudden death will be quick.

10.Supplementation Supplement

The single ability of “technology” makes it impossible for programmers to earn money outside of work. Technical leadership is not the highest, but the capacity to lead. The Technical Big V is not the best strategy, but it’s really good writing. In technology, independent developers aren’t the best, but they have decent product capabilities. Those who do online course programming will also illustrate a point of knowledge in a simple way. The best programmers are engaged in laboratory science testing, so don’t just stare in the direction of “technology” You don’t need to be top-notch in every sector in order to better yourself in many respects. In this age, greater value is generated by people with stronger comprehensive capabilities.

I like to learn new and better ways of doing things when working on a scale, and feel free to ask questions and make suggestions.
Also, check out another story on this.
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Database/System Administrator | DevOPS | Cloud Specialist | DevOPS

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Pankaj kushwaha

Pankaj kushwaha

Database/System Administrator | DevOPS | Cloud Specialist | DevOPS

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